Bluefaced Leicester

Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) sheep are an English long-wool breed of sheep that originates from the Border Leicester.  This sheep breed is known for its long curly lustrous fibers.  The fibers measurements are 24 – 28 microns and up to 6” in length according to the BFL Breeders Association.  BFL wool tends to be less fluffy and elastic with less memory compared to Merino wool but does have unbelievable drape and shine.  The latter characteristics are what sets if apart from Merino wool.   It is also an extremely soft and is stronger than merino wool, plus it is NOT scratchy at all.  Another favored characteristic over Merino wool is that BFL wool tends not to felt as easily.  The drape and sheen of this wool make it a great choice for those knitted or crocheted garments that you want to be flowy and lay where you put it.  Great for shawls and scarves or loose comfortable sweaters or shirts.